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I just stumbled upon this family that embraces the fact that Dad is in a wheelchair and doesn’t let it stop them. Check out the trailer and follow if you want to see more.


Why let a disability (paraplegic) get in the way of all the fun things in life? Share in our journey as our family focuses on God’s blessings and the things we can do, not the things we can’t. We hope you are encouraged by our videos to live and have fun despite any obstacles in your own life. Stay tuned as we share our lives through vlogs, challenges, skits and more! We’d love if you’d Subscribe to catch new videos every Monday and Friday, plus kids videos on Wednseday. Thanks so much!!! Welcome to our ABLE FAMILY LIFE! Brian, Diane Twins Jarod and Makenna (14) Alexandra (8) and our very spoiled rescued dogs, Caramel and Pepper (1)

Living life with a disability, 3 kids, two dogs, one bunny, 15 chickens, and lots of family adventures that we record for you 🙂

October 2, 2016

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