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A School’s Touching Accommodations

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If you are a parent, you know the feeling of pride that comes from watching your child(ren) perform in a school play or sing at an event; you’ve experienced the joy that occurs when you visit the classroom or engage in school activities with your child(ren). But, imagine if you had to stay outside the […]

February 3, 2018

Parenting from a wheelchair doesn’t require a minivan

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Being a father in a wheelchair isn’t necessarily a curse into minivan prison. For the first few years, I drove a Braun minivan and was incredibly excited just to be back on the road and independent. We managed along, but I really longed to be in something different… anything besides a minivan. I’m not knocking […]

February 1, 2018

Conquering fear after Dad’s accident

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Understanding the Fear and Growing Through It Our girl started second grade today. She told me last night as I was putting her to bed that she was excited and a little scared … but mostly excited. She was up at 6:45 this morning with wide eyes and a smile, ready to take on the […]

October 4, 2017

10,000 Users!

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Disabled Parent Users, We have reached another milestone… 10,000 active users! Our users connect parents with other parents and resources that help them along this journey. I would have never guessed that the website would have this much of an impact when I started it just over a year ago. Thank you to everyone who […]

September 6, 2017

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