Going the distance

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Keeping up with the family during an outing can be murder on your arms and shoulders. With 2 young very active kids, my shoulders need all of the help they can get. Even a 1/2 day visit to the local zoo can easily equal 4-6 miles of pushing up and down hills. As a full-time wheelchair user, I appreciate any assistance I can get that doesn’t interfere with my daily routine.

I have been a Smartdrive user for 3 years now and even after a full day at Disneyland with my family I never completely depleted the battery. Don’t get me wrong, I was worn out at the end of the day, but I never would have made it without my Smartdrive.

I have the MX1 original and would bet that I have put over 500 miles or more on the unit without any failures. The MX2 version incorporates the battery into the drive wheel which should help with traction vs the lighter weight wheel/battery separates.


June 7, 2017

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