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Wheelchair accessible crib and changing table

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I don’t usually use things that are accommodated for people in wheelchairs. My house looks a lot like anyone else’s house. But baby stuff is a little different. It’s awkward for normal people, I think. I wasn’t especially concerned about it, but Muffy Davis, a friend of mine and an all-round awesome person, said she […]

July 7, 2017

Fathering from a wheelchair

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I Know How He Does It: Parenting From A Wheelchair “Honey, I just took a pregnancy test and it came out positive.” My husband’s response to this news was typical of his reaction to most things. He was calm, collected, thoughtful. He smiled at me, took a deep breath and said, “OK.” We both stared […]

July 6, 2017

Paraplegic Mom Gets Her Baby Into a Car

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  How I get my baby into my car. Watch this paraplegic mom demonstrate how she wheels up to her car with her baby on her lap, then lifts him in and buckles him into his car seat.

July 5, 2017

Starting a family as parents in wheelchairs

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Jack and Tricia have raised a beautiful family, a daughter and a son who are now working adults. “There was never any inch of fear at all when I became a dad,” Jack shares. Tricia adds, “No fear,” as she nods her head with a smile. The both of them wanted children and were more […]

July 4, 2017

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